Hydra, Greece


The view sailing into the harbor of the small island of Hydra, Greece


Free of the staccato reverberations of muffler-less motorbikes and other vehicles powered by an internal combustion engine, the island of Hydra (pronounced hid’ ra), Greece, has proven an alluring retreat for painters, writers, musicians and thespians for many decades.  Mules and donkeys provide the primary mode of transportation, an excellent option for climbing narrow, often steep cobblestone pathways leading uphill from the yacht-filled harbor.  Restored stone archontikas (mansions) once owned by prosperous sea captains now house museums, an art school, galleries and boutique hotels. Hydra Town gets pretty crowded with day-tripper Athenians (who visit via ferries), but by nightfall the town offers a more peaceful ambience.



A view of Hydra Harbor from the terrace of a restaurant where we had lunch, Hydra, Greece



The harbor quayside is lined with shops and restaurants with outdoor seating, Hydra, Greece



Mules and donkeys provide the primary mode of transportation as internal combustion vehicles have been banned on the island for many years, Hydra, Greece



We enjoyed the music and festivities as we were hiking when we came across a groom leading his bride in a celebratory dance at a wedding on a seaside terrace, Hydra, Greece


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