Folegandros Island, Cyclades, Greece


Sailing into the small main port town of Karavostasis, Folegandros Island, Cyclades, Greece, we could see that this small island would be a nice change of pace from dealing with the tourist hordes on Santorini


With wild landscape and relaxing atmosphere, Folegandros Island, in Greece, is among the most impressive islands of Cyclades.  Lesser known than some of its sister islands, tiny Folegandros offered us a welcome, refreshing change of pace from Mykonos and Santorini.  From the port of Karavostasis, we went up to the island’s main town, Chora (one of only 3 towns on the island).  There are no motor vehicles in Chora’s center, making it the perfect area for strolling, shopping and dining in a café off one of the three squares.  The locals describe the island: “Folegandros is an untouched piece of true Greece with a relaxing atmosphere, hospitality and nice beaches, close to Santorini and Milos.”



It only made sense to climb up to the Church of Panaghia in the evening, after the heat of the day, for a great view of town and the island, Chora, Folegandros Island, Cyclades, Greece



The town of Chora, Folegandros Island, Cyclades, Greece, was built atop a steep cliff nearly 700 feet (210 meters) above the Mediterranean Sea; the varied colors of the water were beautiful


About 2 miles (3 km) north of the port of Karavostasis, the small town of “Chora, Folegandros, closed to car and motorcycle traffic, has a unique ‘center’ of three squares in a row, with trees under which to enjoy a drink or food in a quiet, romantic atmosphere.  In the gentle breeze passing through the small streets you may feel the perfume of lime trees or of the local (exceptional) bread.  Bougainvillea and hibiscus color the small wooden balconies around the Kastro (XIII century)… the church of Panaghia, on the top of a hill, offers a nice walk and a magnificent view of Chora and of the west coast.    Also, the area of the Kastro, a small fortress made by the Venetians in 1210, a small village into the Chora village, will take you back to the Middle Ages.” –



Looking northwest along the Island of Folegandros, Cyclades, Greece, from the cliff top at the edge of the Kastro (castle) neighborhood



Whitewashed old homes with the traditional Greek blue handrails inside the old walls of the medieval Venetian Kastro (castle) neighborhood, Chora, Folegandros Island, Cyclades, Greece



A view from the medieval Venetian Kastro (castle) neighborhood across abandoned farmland (due to the contemporary lack of water compared with decades and centuries ago) with the Mediterranean Sea in the distance, Chora, Folegandros Island, Cyclades, Greece


The oldest part of Chora, the Kastro fortress is a medieval settlement of homes built around a square.  It was established by the Duxe of Naxos in 1212 to protect the island’s inhabitants from enemy invasion.  The majority of the unique homes within the Kastro have been continually occupied since their creation.



A unusually bright red bougainvillea tree in the medieval Venetian Kastro (castle) neighborhood, Chora, Folegandros Island, Cyclades, Greece



A typical window in the medieval Venetian Kastro (castle) neighborhood, Chora, Folegandros Island, Cyclades, Greece



Local men playing backgammon before lunch in a town square in Chora, Folegandros Island, Cyclades, Greece


Locals buy Feta cheese from these large metal containers in the refrigerator section of the local grocery store, Chora, Folegandros Island, Cyclades, Greece




One of eleven Greek Orthodox churches in the small town of Chora, Folegandros Island, Cyclades, Greece


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