Fremantle Urban Art Walk, Australia


Parking lot mural, Fremantle, Australia


On our first day in Fremantle, Australia, four of us went on a guided 3.5 hour “art walk” around the central part of the town, with forays into some of the industrial and port areas.  As mentioned in our previous blog, Fremantle is well known in Australia for its public displays of art, along with numerous galleries for the local artists.  We were surprised by the extent of the art we walked by in just a few hours – all of it being outdoors.  Part of the fun was that we found art in unexpected places, such as on bus stop shelters.  As you will see, a lot of it was very creative and quite colorful.



In addition to art on the sides of an abandoned warehouse, we found very colorful contemporary advertising posters, Fremantle, Australia



This solidarity painting is typical of a number of large paintings brought on site to decorate an abandoned warehouse, Fremantle, Australia



Another painting propped up against the wall of an abandoned warehouse, Fremantle, Australia



A bus stop shelter by the harbor, Fremantle, Australia



The giant squid painted by a well-know British artist visiting Australia, on the side of a former Navy stores building, near the harbor in Fremantle, Australia



Caught in an arm of the giant squid, Fremantle, Australia



A really clever combination of outdoor sculpture and a “signpost” for the sidewalk bicycle rack, Fremantle, Australia



Is it art or is it junk? — in Fremantle, Australia



Another parking lot mural, Fremantle, Australia



Murals on shop walls facing a service road/alley, Fremantle, Australia



Protector of the garbage bins, Fremantle, Australia



A mural above the terrace of a restaurant, Fremantle, Australia



Street art that looks like it is part of the exterior of the building, whereas it is art installed at the site, Fremantle, Australia



Contemporary graphic art near the above faux wall, Fremantle, Australia



A cleverly painted portrait on a partially exfoliated apartment building wall, Fremantle, Australia



The entrance to a restaurant in central Fremantle, Australia



Bus stop number two with a few friendlies, Fremantle, Australia


3 thoughts on “Fremantle Urban Art Walk, Australia

  1. Thanks for all this on Fremantle – has come along way since Charlie and I were there! Sounds like you are having a fun and interesting trip. Jill

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