Sailing into Sydney Harbour, New South Wales, Australia


Panorama of Sydney Harbour as we sailed in on an overcast day with intermittent rain, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Entering Sydney’s glorious harbour is a highlight of any seaborne journey.  The iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge creates the perfect backdrop for the equally familiar white sails of the Sydney Opera House, with miles of sandy beach framing the scene.



The sky became quite dramatic as we approached the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


“Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia and Oceania.  Located on Australia’s east coast, the metropolis surrounds the world’s largest natural harbor, and sprawls towards the Blue Mountains to the west. Residents of Sydney are known as ‘Sydneysiders’.  Sydney is the second official seat and second official residence of the Governor-General of Australia and the Prime Minister of Australia [after Canberra, the capital city] and many federal ministries maintain substantial presences in Sydney.

“In addition to hosting events such as the 2000 Summer Olympics, Sydney is amongst the top fifteen most-visited cities in the world with millions of tourists coming each year to see the city’s landmarks.  Its natural features include Sydney Harbour, the Royal National Park, and the Royal Botanic Garden.  Man-made attractions such as the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Tower and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are also well known to international visitors.” — Wikipedia



Downtown skyscrapers located behind the Sydney Botanical Garden, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia



The iconic Sydney Opera House [where we spent New Year’s Eve; see our next blog post!], Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The Sydney Opera House is undeniably Australia’s most recognizable building.  It is a reflection of the country’s creative and technical achievements.  Constructed between 1957 and 1973, the building, with its distinctive white shell roof above a granite platform, is an internationally acclaimed architectural symbol of the 20th century.  A thriving hub of art, culture and history, the Sydney Opera House hosts a wide variety of performances and exhibitions.



The Australian flag proudly flies over the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the largest steel arch bridge in the world when it opened in 1932, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Fondly known by locals as the “coat hanger,” the Sydney Harbour Bridge is the world’s largest steel arch bridge.  This engineering marvel opened in 1932 and supports vehicle lanes, rail lines, a foot way and cycle way.  An extremely popular activity is the BridgeClimb, where visitors (wearing special blue overalls and a safety harness) embark on a thrilling climb to the bridge’s summit to experience breathtaking views.



Looking back at the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge as we sailed on to White Bay where we docked near the White Bay CruiseTerminal, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia



The clearing sky served to highlight the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


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