Hobart, Tasmania, Australia


Hobart, Tasmania’s capital city [Australia] is unusual in that the central business district wraps around the harbor that has been recently gentrified and filled with shops, bars, restaurants and apartments

The island state of Tasmania is Australia’s southernmost territory, closer to Antarctica than to Perth.  Its eye-pleasing capital of Hobart wraps around a yacht-filled harbor. Mount Wellington looms in the background, snow-capped in winter and popular with hikers in summer.  Sailors are no doubt familiar with the city’s role as the endpoint for the annual Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race held each year on Boxing Day (26 December).  As is the case with other settlements in Australia, Hobart traces its European roots back to its days as a penal colony.  Hobart is the largest city on the island with a population of 225,000.



The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia



Reflections in the city center harbor, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia



The Salamanca Market area has been beautifully restored with dozens of shops, galleries, bars and restaurants, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia


Located a short walk from the Hobart waterfront is Salamanca Place, once Hobart’s center of commerce from the 1830s.  Today, the area is known for its 19th century sandstone warehouses, the dynamic offerings at the Salamanca Arts Centre, exceptional restaurants, bars, galleries and famous outdoor Salamanca Market.



Interesting to see that the government of Australia – not a non-governmental organization — is the sponsor of the campaign to stop racism, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia; this poster was in the Salamanca Market area



An interesting vertical expansion for a restaurant overlooking the harbor in the central business district, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia



The restaurant we had lunch at had a great view from the tables of the central business district harbor, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia



A view of the Old Wharf area and our ship docked at Macquarie Wharf, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia



The Hobart Synagogue (unusually designed in an Egyptian architectural style), consecrated in 1845, the oldest synagogue in Australia, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia



It is somewhat ironic that the former ironmongers building downtown is now a gym (for lifting iron), Hobart, Tasmania, Australia



A covered walkway in the Elizabeth Street Mall, downtown Hobart, Tasmania, Australia



We weren’t sure about the name of the building – possibly a development 100+ years ago honoring Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, the hero of Waterloo, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia



A fountain in Franklin Square, downtown, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia



Hobart Council Centre, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia


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